The business of dishonest automation and how the engineers, data scientists and designers behind it can fix it

Photo courtesy of Nicolas Nova.

The pilots fought continuously until the end of the flight“, said Capt. Nurcahyo Utomo, the head of the investigation of Lion Air Flight 610 that crashed on October 29, 2018, killing the 189 people aboard. The analysis of the black boxes had revealed that the Boeing 737’s nose was repeatedly…

An introduction and call for early adopters.

Home in Madrid. Soon in Geneva. Previously in Helsinki. Someday in Japan.

Ever since the slow death of Dopplr after its acquisition by Nokia a decade ago, the internet has lacked a dedicated space for people to casually share their travel intentions. Back in those days, it was also a feature of trip planning services like TripIt which since then pivoted to…

Principles to nurture a healthy and innovative Data Science function

Photo by Israel Viadest

As organizations turn to digital transformation strategies, they are also increasingly forming teams around the practice of Data Science. Currently, the main challenge for many CIOs, CDOs, and other Chief Data Scientists consist in positioning the Data Science function precisely where an organization needs it to improve its present and…

Imagine another version of the Internet respectful of people’s attention and time.

The Swatch .Beat Webstream Black YQS1002 in the middle of retired digital artifacts

In 1998, Swatch proposed a global time called the Internet Time that divided a day into 1000 “.beats”. It was meant for people to coordinate time for calls, chats or multiplayer online games. Right after the announcement, the company rolled out a model of watch, branded ‘Swatch .beat’, that displayed…

Notes for designers and data scientists who create together systems that learn from human behaviors

1. Introduction

Traditionally the experience of a digital service follows pre-defined user journeys with clear states and actions. Until recently, it has been the designer’s job to create these linear workflows and transform them into understandable and unobtrusive experiences. This is the story of how that practice is changing.

Over the last…

Or how the observations of mundane technological glitches and frictions offer a complementary form of inspiration to the multitude of glamorous utopian design visions

TV Control instruction for my fictional AirBnb guests. Courtesy of Nick Foster. #TUXSAX

At the Near Future Laboratory we are fascinated by the co-evolution of humans and technology, how technology is changing and how it is changing people. Practically, this means we constantly observe this interplay, and we love to question, design and create the future of this relationship. We are persistent stalkers…

Fabien Girardin

Prototyping futures to clarify the present with data science and design. Co-founder Creator of

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